• Offshore
  • World wide
  • Renewable
  • Full time
Location area:
Europe and Asia
5 weeks
Start date:
20 June 2023
End date:
end July 2023

The position

Reports to: Service Operations Manager (functional) and Shift Supervisor (operational) Location: On board an Installation Support Vessel or from CTV base port. 

Overview of the Role
The HV (High Voltage) Supervisor will provide supervision over the activities of the Tower teams and will focus on the quality of the overall tower-related works, compliance with procedures, and applicable HSE regulations, while ensuring the provision of complete and accurate As-built documentation per tower (TP). When working from an ISV, the HV Supervisor is responsible for the control and management of all HV-related termination works, cable core routing, and tower work teams, particularly regarding the quality reporting and documentation of termination works. The HV Supervisor acts as a supportive function to the Shift Supervisor, overseeing the overall ISV-related utilization, performance, and operations of Pull In and T&T works, and is accountable for all HV-related termination and testing works.

The HV Supervisor reports all required T&T team performance, quality, and activity reports to the Shift Supervisor and ensures the delivery of adequate and complete work team deliverables, as well as the overall quality of the T&T works. In the event of independently conducted CTV Test & Termination works, the HV Supervisor also coordinates and ensures overall safety for CTV works, similar to the ISV Shift Supervisor, as per the project work schedule and HSE requirements.


  1. Supervise Testing and Termination teams and serve as the first point of contact for them.

  2. Ensure the safe and efficient performance of HV work activity on the TP & OSS.

  3. Provide advice on electrical works to non-electrical TP Supervisors and/or Shift Supervisor in their absence.

  4. Undertake switching operations as an Authorized Person (AP) when requested, according to the client's safe-to-work system.

  5. Assist in raising Permits to Work and ensure correct permits are in place prior to any shift commences for Tower teams.

  6. Coordinate with the Storekeeper or work teams to control the availability of materials, consumables, and equipment required for the termination works, including storage arrangement and condition of test equipment.

  7. Ensure adherence from the Tower teams to the tablet-based reporting system and review completed work documentation for completeness and quality findings.

  8. Correct any quality findings directly during works or include them in the snagging list items for correction works.

  9. Provide readouts from test equipment for As-built use.

  10. Manage tower handovers.

  11. On ISV: Coordinate T&T tower teams on a day-to-day basis, in close cooperation with the ISV Shift Supervisor.

  12. Verify that toolbox talks are correctly given by the team leaders of the tower teams before commencing work and proactively check if all involved in the installation are briefed on the requirements in their respective assignment/task.

  13. Ensure compliance with project procedures/plans during the actual installation and record findings in the inspection reports.

  14. Proactively report deviations from project procedures/plans to the Shift Supervisor, who should initiate a Management of Change proposal.

  15. Ensure that all activities are properly risk assessed and that control measures, including PPE compliance, are communicated and implemented.

  16. Perform quality control of all witnessed activities and collected data.

  17. Issue lessons learned to the Shift Supervisor (ISV) or directly to Project management/Project engineers.

  18. Ensure compliance with the Project waste management plan inside the offshore structures.

Certificate Requirements
GWO Basic Safety Training (Offshore)
GWO Boat to Boat Transfer or GWO Sea Survival
GWO Manual Handling
Offshore Medical
Chester Step Test

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