We are your shipping manning agency worldwide

In the oil and gas industry, having a great crew working on your fleet is of utmost importance. Atlas Inexco operates as a shipping manning agency to provide your fleet with great staff.

Atlas Inexco:

  • is one of the biggest oil and gas recruitment agencies in the world.
  • has over two decades of experience in many industries, including the shipping world.
  • recruits well-trained, experienced staff for your fleet.

Our recruitment provides your best crew

Atlas Inexco is very successful in the oil and gas industry. We have over 25 years of experience and successfully operated in the shipping manning industry. We will handle your crew and ship management services anywhere.

Our achievements

  • Atlas Inexco is one of the best shipping manning agencies worldwide
  • We provide extensive international payroll services
  • Since 1994, Atlas Inexco supplied manpower for the upgrade of more than 40 platforms and process units
  • In 2016, we finished a two year project with a turnaround of 9200 metric ton, involving 700 men

If you choose Atlas Inexco, you can count on the experience and drive of one of the worlds best gas recruitment agencies. Atlas Inexco has a lot of experience handling international projects, both offshore and onshore.

We can handle the entire recruitment process for you. From training and certification to work permits, travel and accommodation of your personnel, we make sure that our professional employees are there to execute the job. You can rely on us to provide staff for you.

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