I would like to thank and congratulate you for your professional work. My offshore role is demanding due to its specific responsibility for legal and contractual requirements, and management of people in a work environment with high risks. Like my colleagues, I am a dedicated professional and I enjoy what I do.

To meet customer expectations and ensure an incident-free workplace, the HSE Technician dedicates overtime beyond the contracted working hours. This role also requires great flexibility on our part. Salary management and logistics in moving from home to work and back, should not be another concern added to our long offshore duties list when/if they are poorly managed.

And I want to say that for this first ongoing assignment, I am so far grateful for the way everything went with the Atlas Inexco Company, and I congratulate you, as you do not have an easy task either. Transparency and professional cordiality are the key for continued satisfaction on both sides. (I turned down offers from certain agencies I worked for before because they only worried about their people when we said we are not coming back...)

Keep up your good work and professionalism throughout the contracts. Thank you very much.